Royals Fear A 'Tell-All' Interview With Harry & Meghan 'Won't Be Pretty'

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit New Zealand - Day 1

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit New Zealand - Day 1

Whew. Another day, another rumor about royal family drama. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they'd be stepping down as full-time working Members of the Royal Family, piping hot royal tea has been spilled left and right. From anonymous sources alleging Prince William bullied his younger brother out of the monarchy and claiming Meghan will never return to the U.K. again, there's been a lot to sift through.

One story, though, carries a bit more weight than the rest of the rumors. Reporter Tom Bradby, who conducted emotional interviews with Harry and Meghan during their official tour of South Africa last year, wrote an op-ed in the Sunday Times about what's being called "Megxit." In the piece, Bradby described the House of Windsor as "poisonous and Machiavellian." Though Bradby, of course, doesn't speak for Harry and Meghan, he's known to have personal relationship with the couple, which adds some legitimacy to his claims that the Sussexes considered doing a "no-holds-barred sit-down interview."

Bradby doesn't stop there, either. The reporter alleges the potential interview wouldn't "be pretty" and wouldn't paint the monarchy in a great light, either. He believes Harry and Meghan would call out the monarchy for being "racist and sexist" in its treatment of the Duchess over the past few years.

Though Bradby doesn't go into much detail, he elaborated on the internal rifts that pushed Meghan and Harry away from their fellow royals. According to Bradby, Harry and Meghan felt they were being driven out of the monarchy after "damaging things" were "said and done at the time of their wedding." He added: “The atmosphere soured hard and early, but few meaningful attempts were made by anyone to heal the wounds. There is no doubt Harry and Meghan feel they have been driven out.”

This report echoes a similar scoop People received from a friend of Harry and Meghan's, who revealed that "if relationships had been better, things would have been different." Unfortunately, though, things got so bad behind the scenes over the past few years, the Sussexes felt they had no other choice but to step away from the royal family. “This is not how they wanted to handle this, but Meghan and Harry’s hand was forced,” the friend continued. “There is so much bad blood in that family—it’s toxic.”

Ultimately, Queen Elizabeth agreed to let the Sussexes step back from their roles as full-time royals and achieve financial independence from the crown. According to Bradby, though, she didn't have much choice. If she didn't allow them to follow their own path, that sit-down interview may have actually come to fruition.

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