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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams Heading Into Wild Card Weekend

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 teams in the NFL after a Week 18 in which the Bills knocked out the Patriots and secured the no. 2 seed in an emotional victory for Damar Hamlin, the Texans beat the Colts at the buzzer and ruined their chances at the number one overall pick and Bryce Young in the process, the Dolphins topped the Jets in a slopfest that punched their ticket to the postseason and eliminated the Steelers, the Eagles got Jalen Hurts back but underwhelmed in a Week 18 victory over the second-teamer Giants to clinch the no. 1 seed, the Cowboys were throttled and thoroughly embarrassed by the Commanders, and the Lions won one of the best games of the year to kill off the Packers and send Seattle to the playoffs.

Here are Colin’s Week 18 Herd Hierarchy Rankings as follows:

10. Vikings (13-4) [Last Week: 10] "Their defense is awful and I think they're going to lose to the New York Giants."
9. Giants (9-7-1) [Last Week: NR] "Daniel Jones is only the 13th player in league history to have 3,000+ passing yards and 700+ rushing yards."
8. Chargers (10-7) [Last Week: 8] "Their rushing defense is an issue. Herbert can often be watching from the sidelines because they can't get the ball back."
7. Cowboys (12-5) [Last Week: 5] "Great individual players but I'm not sure they have one unit that is great."
6. Jaguars (9-8) [Last Week: 7] "They have the second-most points off turnovers in the league, and Trevor Lawrence since Week 9 leads the NFL in passer rating."
5. Eagles (13-4) [Last Week: 6] "If Lane Johnson was playing at right tackle I would have them higher, but I do worry."
4. Bills (13-3) [Last Week: 4] "What concerns me is that Brian Daboll leaves and Josh Allen is back to making too many mistakes."
3. 49ers (13-4) [Last Week:2] "A rookie quarterback [Brock Purdy] has never led a team to a Super Bowl appearance in NFL history."
2. Chiefs (14-3) [Last Week: 3] "Their three losses are by a total of ten points. Mahomes is now 16-0 on the road against divisional opponents."
1. Bengals (12-4) [Last Week: 1] "They match up with Kansas City well, but whereas their defense is playing well, nine takeaways in their last three games, suddenly since Week 15 they can't rush the football because their o-line is banged up."

Dropped from rankings: Packers

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