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These Things In Your Dating Bio Will Cost You Matches

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Dating apps are obviously a popular way to meet someone, but are you sure you're putting your best foot forward? Askreddit user u/aguynamedmobi posted the question "What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?" Here were the most upvoted responses.

Juggernaut246: "'If you cant hold a conversation dont bother.' You will be carrying the entirety of the conversation."
Highkey this is a very exhausting bait and switch.

shebbsquids: "'I want someone who I can genuinely connect with! No small talk!' ...Followed by absolutely zero insight into their hobbies and interests besides mirror selfies, car selfies, and restaurant selfies."
If you say no small talk you better be prepared to give me your 10m Ted Talk on why Nessie is the superior of all the Cryptids or what designer Mothman would wear to their wedding.

ChefHannibal: "I love to laugh and have fun. no sh*t."
As opposed to everyone else who HATES this things, ammirite?

Much-Meringue-7467: "Their IQ."
Immediate no. This gives me the ick SO BAD. Being intelligent is defiantly attractive but making it your entire personality tells me that you have a wicked superiority complex and unresolved issues with your mother.

sparklingshanaya: "Alpha Male"
And speaking of unresolved issues with your mother...

AncientDog_z: "'Whatever you want to know, ask' ... with a blank bio. If you have zero self awareness and no insight into yourself, that's very unattractive."
Another response that gives me the ick. Acting like you're too good or cool or unique to have a bio isn't the move.

Yogurt_De_Yuca: "I don't use this app, but you can fine me on IG as @..."
Tell me you're an aspiring influencer without telling me you're an aspiring influencer.

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