Tween Animal Advocate’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $61K

Photo: Getty Images

When Delanie Dennis was seven years old, she decided she wanted to do something to help animals. She talked it over with her dad, Andy Dennis, and he agreed to allow her to put a lemonade stand in the family's Tampa, Florida, restaurant.

In the five years since she started Delanie's Lemonade Stand, the now-11-year-old animal advocate has raised over $61-thousand. Each month, she picks a different animal rescue organization to receive the stand's proceeds.

Last year, the tween was chosen as the ASPCA's "Kid of the Year" and she recently was on "Good Morning America" where she was surprised with a $25-hundred donation from the Veterinary Emergency Group. Delanie hopes that her work will inspire other kids to help make a difference and says, "I think kids, at any age, can change the world."

Source: Good Morning America

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