Guy Skateboards Across The U.S. In 57 Days

Photo: Getty Images

Let the good times roll…a man has set a new record by successfully skateboarding across the country - from Venice Beach to Virginia Beach - in just 57 days. Chad Caruso achieved this mighty feat by averaging 55 miles a day, rain or shine. And what’s even crazier, the skateboarding fanatic did the entire 3,162-mile trip totally solo – with no one following him to carry his gear or help him if he got into trouble.

Caruso carried whatever he needed in a single backpack and stopped to eat wherever he could – mostly gas stations. He even discouraged friends from visiting him along the way since this activity required major concentration and he didn’t want to be distracted. As for the record, while his Guinness achievement is still pending, the consensus is he’s definitely the one to beat.

Source: Jenkem

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