"Guardian Angel" Helps Teen After Wreck With 18-Wheeler

Photo: Getty Images

Just hours before he was set to attend his high school graduation, Harvey Shelton found himself in a serious car accident. The North Little Rock, Arkansas, teen was driving home from a family visit when the vehicle in front of him suddenly swerved out of his lane and Harvey collided with the rear end of a stationary semi-truck.

Harvey’s car was pinned under the semi, which crushed the cockpit of his vehicle, making it impossible for him to escape. The teen managed to stay calm, though, in large part to the guidance and calming presence of a stranger at the crash sight. Harvey calls this stranger his guardian angel. "He grabbed my hand and said 'I am here. I am going to stay here until the fire department gets here,'" Harvey recalls.

The mysterious Samaritan named Darrell kept Harvey calm and comforted him while waiting for emergency services. Harvey injured his leg pretty severely, but was out of the hospital quickly. Meanwhile, Harvey's stepmom, Mauzie Shelton worked to locate Darrell, eventually finding him through social media. The teen was able to personally thank him at a special make-up graduation ceremony organized by his high school.


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