Honest Ohio Man Returns $2K He Finds In Walmart Shopping Cart

Photo: Getty Images

Robert Sneed was heading into the Walmart in Gallipolis, Ohio, with his daughter when he discovered what he thought was a shopping list in their shopping cart. He went to throw it away and noticed “it felt a little heavy.” Then he realized it was an envelope with $2-thousand in hundred dollar bills and a bank receipt inside.

His first thought was to return it to the bank, but with the bank closed, Sneed found a Walmart manager and turned the envelope over to them. He also made a social media post hoping to find the money’s owner. "For someone who’s living paycheck to paycheck, this may set them back,” he notes, “It can really mess up someone’s summer.”

A spokesperson for Walmart later reported that, thanks to Sneed, the money was returned to its rightful owner later that night.

Source: KAIT 8

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